Dear colleagues,

The Centre of Ethnology of the Cultural Heritage In­stitute of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova invites you to submit materials for the Journal of Ethnology and Cul­turology.

General considerations:

The journal accepts for publication scientific papers: monographs, synthesis articles, reviews, information mate­rials on internal and external scientific events (congresses, conferences, symposia, seminars, colloquia), chronicles, and archival documents, covering innovative topics from the field of humanities: ethnology and culturology. The Journal of Ethnology and Culturology appears quarterly and is distributed free on request in all public libraries and scientific centres of the humanistic profile.

All scientific papers can be submitted in English, Ro­manian, and Russian.


All manuscripts submitted to our journal must be original research and must meet our guidelines with respect to scope. If the article is suitable, the editor will sent out for peer review. The editors team, based on the reviews received will recommend the manuscript for final decision to editorial board. The articles will be published just after rigorous peer review, anonymous refereeing by independent expert referees, members of editorial board and revision by article authors when required.


The structure of the work shall be as follows:

  1. Summary:

The main text shall be preceded by a summary in Romanian, English and Russian, each accompanied by a translation of the title and of the key words in the language of the summary. The summaries will reflect the content of the article, the basic ideas and conclusions. The summaries shall be in Times New Roman, font size 10, 1.0 space. Each summary will contain between 1300-1500 characters, in­cluding the spaces.

  1. The paper:

The size of the text will be of 0.5 to 1.0 author’s pages (20,000-40,000 characters, including spaces and punctua­tion signs), including the bibliography and the illustrative material. The text of the papers shall be submitted in hard (manuscript) and electronic formats: Times New Roman, font size 14, 1.5 space.

III. Illustrative material:

The illustrative material shall be presented in clear graphic form in electronic format (JPG or TIF – no less than 300 dpi). Images, tables, graphs etc. will be accompanied by appropriate legends with the indication of the source of origin.

  1. Bibliography:

Bibliographical references shall comply with the re­quirements of CNAA of the Republic of Moldova. The bib­liographic notes in the text shall be shown in the original. In case, titles in Cyrillic characters are used, an additional bib­liography is drawn with the titles transliterated into Latin characters (according to the Library of Congress system).

The bibliography is placed after the main text of the article. The references are listed in numerical sequence, in alphabetical order.

References to the bibliographical sources are indicat­ed in square brackets, inserted in the text, for example [8]. If certain parts of the source are quoted, the page is indi­cated after the bibliographic index, for example [8, p. 231].

Examples of printed publications:

Books: Buzilă V. Covoare basarabene. București: Edi­tura Institutului Cultural Român, 2013, 252 p.; Axionov V. Studii muzicologice. Chișinău: Media Musica, 2012, 195 p.; Полобедова О. И. О природе книжной иллюстрации. Москва: Наука, 1973, 336 c.

Articles in journals and collections: Plămădeală N. Leon Donici – o conştiinţă antiutopică. În: Limba Româ­nă. Chișinău, 2002. Nr. 4-6, p. 15-24; Ле Коадик. Муль­тикультуризм. În: Диалоги об идентичности и мульти­культуризме / Под ред. Е. Филипповой и Р. Ле Коадика. Москва: Наука, 2005.

Electronic documents: Gavrilean B. T. Simboluri cu valențe magice. Teza de doctorat în arte vizuale. Universi­tatea de artă și design. Cluj-Napoca. Rezumat. 2011, 25 p.: http://www. uad.ro/storage/Dataitems/GBT.Rezumat.Teza. Ro.pdf (visited 05.02.2015).

Examples of transliteration: Semenov V. V. Filosofiia: itog tysiacheletii. Filosofskaia psikhologiia. Moskva: Evrika, 2000, 64 pp.; Vasil’eva S. V. Vosstanovlenie tserkovnoi so­bornosti staroobriadchestva v kontekste institutsional’nykh transformatsii XX–XXI vv. In: Vestnik Buriatskogo gosu­darstvennogo universiteta / Feder. agentstvo po obrazova­niiu, Buriat. gos. un-t. Ulan-Ude: Izd-vo Buriat. gos. un-ta, 2010. Vyp. 7: Istoriia, pp.25-37.

  1. List of abbreviations
  2. Information about the author:

Surname, name, scientific and didactic degree, posi­tion, institution, address, telephone, e-mail.

Date of submitting the material, signature

Reviews, book presentations, personalii, antholo­gies etc.

The materials shall be presented in the author’s edit­ing, but they must meet the established standards (Times New Roman, font size 14, 1.5 space). The maximum vol­ume – 0.5 author’s pages (20.000 characters including spac­es).

The deadlines for submitting materials for publication in the Journal of Ethnology and Culturology is 1 February. The articles are subject to reviews by specialists in the field possessing doctoral degrees. The editorial board claims the right to reject the materials that do not correspond to the profile of the journal and to the technical standards of pub­lication, as well as the ones that lack scientific value or were previously published under various forms in other journals or books.

No fees are collected for publishing materials in the Journal of Ethnology and Culturology and no honorariums are offered. Honorariums are not paid either for reviewing the materials proposed for publication.

The hard copy (manuscript) and the electronic ver­sion of the scientific works may be submitted in person or sent by post to the editor.

Address: Editorial Board – Journal of Ethnology and Culturology, Cultural Heritage Institute of ASM Centre of Ethnology, bd. Stefan cel Mare si Sfant, 1, office 532, MD- 2001, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Additional information may be requested: tele­phone (022) 271007; e-mail: etnologie@mail.ru; patrimo­niu.cultural.asm@gmail.com; website: ethnology.asm.md; patrimoniu.asm.md